Heart And Soul Store - Heart and soul clothing store is a knockoff

Phoenix, Arizona 0 comments
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Lets just say this store is ***. you think your buying nice cute clothes but they end up falling apart such as the pants.

When I first bought at this store, I loved it! They have locations in Prescott Az, and Phoenix Az.

Once I started wearing my pants, all the jeweles started falling off. my friend got the same pants and noticed the same thing. your paying over a hundred dollars for pants such as miss me's but they are not official, their knock offs. also, their jewelry is cheap and breaks super easily. if you buy their purses, they will fall apart to. everything here is ***!

Another irritable thing is their warranty. they only give you a 30 day warranty, which in turn is no use. If you go to places such as buckle you get a lifetime warranty on replacing the buttons and jewels.

The owners couldn't give two *** for your quality and they cheat you of your money. DONT SHOP HERE, YOUR STUFF WITH FALL APART GUARENTEED.

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